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Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned regional group of clinics located in eastern North Carolina. We were founded with the specific goal of helping people of all ages and abilities achieve and maintain optimal physical function in order to enjoy life to the fullest.
Through effective application of our vision, Peak Performance has established a highly respected
reputation among patients and physicians for competent, compassionate, results-based independent care throughout the region.

When you're in pain, and you're not able to do the things, or play your favorite sports, you want a treatment that will take care of you now; and provide you with the training and tools to help you stay well. Peak Performance understand that physical therapy is much more than getting your muscles to work efficiently again.

We offer a positive clinic environment in which recovery is based on obtaining competent, compassionate care that achieves the best possible long-term results.

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    Contact us or your physician today, for information on how physical therapy can help improve your life. Most private insurance companies provide direct access to credentialed physical therapy facilities like Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy.

    We also invite you to visit our clinics, and tour the facilities to see how patient-specific rehabilitation and fitness programs can help you enjoy life to the fullest!

    If you're living in the eastern NC area, there's a Peak Performance clinic near you!
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